XM-5 Oil Stabilizer

XM-5 Oil Stabilizer and XM-5 Air Tool Oil.

XM-5 Oil Saves You Money

When you put XM-5 Oil Stabilizer through-out your power train (ex. engine, transmission, rear-end) it reduces friction, and helps clean carbon off rings to increase compression. This transfers more H.P. to the drive axle. With the increase in H.P., it allows you to go further on a tank of gas which means these savings pay for the cost of the XM-5 Oil Stabilizer.

XM-5 with Hydraulic Oil

When you add XM-5 to your hydraulic oil it immediately starts restoring your hydraulic pressure back to normal. It does this by increasing your hydraulic oils film strength and by putting oil back into the o-rings and seals. One of the oils in XM-5 is just for seals and o-rings, which brings them back to size by replacing lost oil. Most oils will take oil out of o-rings and seals causing them to shrink and thereby letting the hydraulic oil bypass. This is a problem with automatic transmissions. With the oil being restored to o-rings and seals, it helps to stop or reduce bypassing, and high temperatures.

Key Features in Hydraulic Systems:

  • Stops Leaks
  • Adds Lubricity
  • Brings Pressure Back to Spec
  • Encapsulates any water on a 1-1 basis
  • Reduces Temperature
  • Keeps Hoses Flexible

Here is an example of how XM-5 Oil Stabilizer helped the hydraulic system of a dump truck pick up unit:

  • Max. Operating Temp. reduced from 150° to 108° by adding 10% XM-5
  • Increased in P.S.I. from 1750lbs. to 1850lbs.
  • Eliminated seal and gasket leaks within 10 days

For information and to check our stock regarding XM-5 Oil, call 780-484-0067 and speak to one of our product specialists. Toll-Free 1-800-463-7498.

*XM-5 Oil Stabilizer is available in 1L & 4L bottles, as well as a 20L pail.

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