flywheel resurfaceAt Edmonton Brake & Clutch, we have the tools to extend the life of drums, rotors, clutch discs, pressure plates, and flywheels. When these parts wear due to changing temperatures, pulsating brakes, or metal to metal contact, it is possible that there is still plenty of meat (grindable surface) left on these components. Where the part may be obsolete or quite expensive to replace, resurfacing is a great solution.

Rotors On Vehicles

machine rotors while on vehicleWhether it be light or heavy duty applications, EBC can resurface rotors while they are still on the vehicle. This guarantees the rotor’s surface to be true to the vehicle’s braking components. When resurfacing a rotor directly on a heavy duty application, a technician does not have to remove the hub as well as replace the seals. This means you save time on labour costs and help keep all interacting parts in good working order.

Clutch Components

resurface clutch plateIf you’re installing a new clutch, and don’t need a new flywheel, the warranty may be void if the existing flywheel is not resurfaced and balanced. To be safe and to avoid the risk of future clutch problems, we always recommend having your flywheel resurfaced and balanced when replacing the clutch. In the case of rebuilding a clutch, EBC also resurfaces clutch discs, and pressure plates.

Did You Know?

If you have a race car or dragster, Edmonton Brake & Clutch can resurface all clutch discs, pressure plates, floaters and flywheels. Contact EBC today to inquire about our resurfacing services.

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