Edmonton Brake & Clutch Ltd. is the #1 MICO® distributor across Canada. MICO® designs and manufactures hydraulic components, controls, and brake systems primarily for off-road markets.

In MICO® we stock:

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Featured MICO Products:

Actuators – Air Chamber

mico brake actuatorAir / Hydraulic actuators are designed to take advantage of available pressurized air sources to produce higher hydraulic pressures. They can be especially useful for towing self-propelled hydraulic brake vehicles when the towing vehicle is equipped with air.

Air chamber sizes are available from 12 to 36 square inches and hydraulic displacement from 1.0 to 5.9 cubic inches. Both remote and integral reservoir models are available for mineral base hydraulic oil or brake fluid.

Brakes – Caliper Disc Brake

mico caliper disc brakeThe caliper disc brakes are available in sliding caliper or fixed caliper type with spring apply, hydraulic apply, or mechanical apply models. They are ideal for providing emergency braking, primary braking, or secondary braking.

MICO® Disc Brakes include both caliper disc brakes and multiple disc brakes. MICO also offers a line of Vimoter Caliper Brakes and drum brakes. Call EBC to inquire further.

Brake Cylinders – Master Cylinder

mico master cylinderMaster cylinders are single piston, straight-bore type cylinders with a return spring, and are available with or without an integral reservoir. Power cylinders incorporate the advantage of a large piston for fluid volume and a small piston for high pressure.

Brake fluid and mineral base hydraulic oil models with bore diameters from 0.75 to 2.25 inches and stroke ranges of 1.12 to 2.61 inches. Side and flange mounting styles are available. Most models are available with or without a residual check valve.

Brake Locks – Lever Lock

mico brake lever lockMICO® Brake Locks are for supplemental parking and are to be used in conjunction with a vehicle’s mechanical parking brake. They perform as operational parking brakes only and are not intended for prolonged parking. There are several types of brake locks available, including electrohydraulic, dualock, lever, twist, cable actuated, and electric activated.

Lever locks are designed to supplement your standard parking brake by utilizing the hydraulic service brakes. They are manually operated one-way check valves that lock fluid under pressure in the selected brakes. All MICO® lever locks include a low-pressure warning switch.

Pressure Testing Devices – Digital Pressure Gauge / Qaudrigage

mico digital pressure gaugeMICO® Pressure Testing Devices are available in two different styles. Both can be used for hydraulic, air, and vacuum systems.

Our digital pressure gauge is available as a stand-alone product or part of a package that includes a hose and fitting kit. This is a versatile and economical gauge that meets ASME B40.7. Has ½ percent terminal point accuracy, a standard range of 0-10,000 PSI, nine engineering units of measure, back lighting, and more.

mico pressure testing device bluemico pressure testing deviceThe Quadrigage performs four gauge functions plus reads in lbs/in2 (PSIG) and kg/cm2 (bar). Continuous system pressure readings are possible through pressure ranges of 0-3000 PSI, 0-4000 PSI, 0-5000 PSI, or 0-6000 PSI. The Quadrigage is available with either standard gauges or glycerin filled gauges.

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Airport Support Vehicles
  • Crane/Swing Boom Equipment
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Heavy Construction
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Marine Applications
  • Mining Equipment
  • Multi-Stop Delivery Vehicles
  • Railroad Equipment
  • Recreation Vehicles
  • Service and Utility Vehicles
  • Tactical Vehicles
  • Waste and Recycling Vehicles
  • Wind Power

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