Booster Conversion Kits - Master Cylinders - Brake BoostersEBC now stocks Booster Conversion Kits. The conversion kits come in a variety of different set-ups. We have brass, chrome, and stainless steel finishes that will help you find the look you are going for.

Kits come equipped with with Master Cylinders (for disc and drum braking), Brake Boosters (single and double diaphram, sizes range from 7″ – 11″), Mounting Brackets, and the Push Rod. If you’re looking for the proportioning valve, we have those in stock as well, and can be added to the kit (some kits already come with the proportioning valves – depending the vehicle make & model).

*Each braking component can be sold seperately.

Booster Conversion Kits & Individual Parts can be fitted for:

  • Camaro – 1970-81
  • Chevy Nova – 1964-67
  • Chevy Trucks – 1967-72
  • Corvette – 1964-66, 1977-82, 1985-91
  • Ford Mustang – 1964-70
  • GM – A & F Body 1967-72
  • GM – A Body 1964-66
  • GM – 1967-94
  • GM Pick-up – 1972-93
  • GMC Motor Homes – 1973-78
  • Universal – 1955-70

Contact us to check our stock, and to see if we can outfit your vehicle with the Booster Conversion Kit you are looking for.

If you’re planning on doing more to your restoration vehicle, or any other modifications, please click here to find out what else we can do for you.

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