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6 Piston Brake Caliper Rebuild

6 Piston Brake Caliper Rebuild

6 Piston Caliper Rebuild for Heavy Duty Loader



Here are 10 rebuilt brake calipers for heavy duty rock trucks. We installed new pistons, kits, and brake pads. If you have any questions in regards to something you’re looking to have rebuilt, please don’t hesitate to contact our parts & service counter.



This compressor was rebuilt for an industrial service truck. It almost looks brand new…

Slotted Brake Rotor Conversion

Slotted Brake Rotor Conversion

Recently we had a really nice Subaru WRX come in to our shop to have the stock rotors converted to slotted ones. Along with the conversion of their rotors,  they had us replace their brake hoses with stainless steel braided brake hoses.

What are some advantages of slotted rotors?

The rotor is lighter, therefore it decreases it’s rotational inertia.
The slots promote out-gassing and aid in removing debris that may build up between the pad and rotor surface.
Wet performance is enhanced.



This was one of four brake pots rebuilt for mining equipment.

Modifying Your Vehicle


A customer wanted to modify their brakes on their 1998 Dodge RAM 1500. Among converting their rear drum brakes to discs, and replacing brake hoses with steel braided ones – we also replaced the brake booster with a hydro-boost. All & all this truck has had quite a few modifications…

  • Upper & Lower Ball Joints,
  • Custom Stainless Steel Hoses,
  • Street Performance Shocks,
  • 2″ Drop,
  • Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotors,
  • Powder Coated Calipers,
  • Upper & Lower Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings,
  • 2″ Sway Bar,
  • Booster to Hydro Boost Conversion (seen in our other “Our Work” pics),
  • 4″ Drop on Rear,
  • Drum to Disc Conversion on Rear,
  • Powder Coated Differential & Springs,
  • Powder Coated Inter Cooler Piping &
  • A Mag Hytech Diff. Cover.
hyrda boost conversion on truck


racing clutch for dragster


EBC worked on the clutch of this dragster.

clutch plates machined

Rebuild Tractor Part


Recently we rebuilt a Caliper on a 875 Versatile Tractor. It was cleaned up, honed out, and then the pistons along with the seal kit were installed. Once the caliper was completely rebuilt, we put in the new brake line, and painted the lever and caliper to make it look like new again.

rebuild air brake pot


This is a rebuilt maxi air brake pot. One of the thousands that we have dis-assembled, cleaned-up, repaired, tested, and painted. To finish it off, we place one of our EBC stickers on it, with our address, phone numbers, and web address. There are plenty of ways to get a hold of us if you have more for us to rebuild, general inquiries, or are in need of some technical assistance for install.

rebuilt truck clutch


If it’s hard to find, expensive to replace, or if you just can’t part with what you have already… then contact Edmonton Brake & Clutch to rebuild your pressure plate, and re-button / clean up your clutch disc. This clutch is off of a medium duty truck, which is not only working like new again, but looks pretty darn good too!

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